My Spiritual Life Ramblings

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Are most Singaporeans unsympathetic in their view and apprach to the war over at the other side of the world?
Feel that most Singaporeans unsympathetic in their view and approach to the war over at the other side of the world.
Yes, but I can empathise, here in Singapore where we have no natural disasters, we tend to sometimes take everything for granted.
Being cooped up in a perfectly safe haven, with such a good governement babysitting most of us, we visualise this invisible sheath of protection sometimes.

Have I ever been caught in a life threatening situation?
3 years back, God saw me through the 911 earthquake in Taiwan. And that changed the way I look at my life. And my spiritual life.
In perilous and uncertain times, one only can learn to trust in Him.

Monday, April 07, 2003

"The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him." Psalm 25:14

Read in an independent media article today..
" ..The US President frequently confides to individuals and friendly audiences that he is guided by God's hand. But if God guided him into an invasion of Iraq, He sent a different message to the Pope, the Conference of Catholic Bishops, the mainline Protestant National Council of Churches and many distinguished rabbis--all of whom believe the invasion and bombardment of Iraq is against God's will.... I most certainly do not see God at work in the slaughter and destruction now unfolding in Iraq or in the war plans now being developed for additional American invasions of other lands. The hand of the Devil? Perhaps. But how can I suggest that a fellow Methodist with a good Methodist wife is getting guidance from the Devil? I don't want to get too self-righteous about all of this. After all, I have passed the 80 mark, so I don't want to set the bar of acceptable behavior too high lest I fail to meet the standard for a passing grade on Judgment Day. I've already got a long list of strikes against me."

Talk about the art of deception...
I sincerely believe that those who are walking a close intimate walk with God will be able to distinguish His voice from the 'noise'.

However when I read that these statements, I could feel God pointing me to Rev 3:16
"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth"
It talks about the deception of many Christians in the last days, who will fall into the trap of deception of thinking that they are already saved, believing they have a ticket to heaven just by believing and yet continuing in their lives, and coming to God as and when they need Him only.

Hearing directly from God. What a privilege.
Yet, it does not happen for nothing. Only best friends and close friends reveal the deepest secrets of their hearts to each other.
I don't want to comment on who's hearing the 'right' voice, but those who have an open communication system with the God will know..
Yes, they do.