My Spiritual Life Ramblings

Monday, June 30, 2003

A friend asked me how do I know I'm hearing from God, and how do I know it's His voice.
You know, actually God does not speak to us in a booming deep voice.
He speaks to me through the Holy Spirit, and through His Words in the Bible. That is where the key comes in. A good foundation in the Word will help one hear better. The Holy Spirit brings me to remembrance what He said before in His Word and reinforces them in conviction in my heart.
And yes, where times I backslided off terribly, I have to pray harder just to hear from Him.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Do you sense that the Liar is getting very worried?
There's more of the deception tricks used by him to diverge many and stumble many from the right path.
More are turning to witchcraft, tarot cards, fortune telling, astrology and the likes.
And to make it even more inconspicious, you have M movies with the a same copycat theme of the Messiah, movies of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
They make people think, yet give them warped thoughts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Standing still with God is hard.
Yet, many times in my life, I'm told to stand still and wait. Like Joseph in the pit.

Then there's a big temptation to turn to the left. Or to the right. The options looks tempting.
Like the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

Sometimes I feel forgotten.
And it's indeed a humbling experience.