My Spiritual Life Ramblings

Friday, December 26, 2003

"Are you coming to my X'mas party?" A friend sms-ed me the other day.

I felt enraged.
No, not that I don't like my friend or whatever.
I was angry at the term most people used during this season when God gave us His most precious gift, Jesus Christ.

X'mas? Shouldn't it be called CHRISTmas?
Since when did Christ our Lord get replaced by an 'X'?
How did the day of celebration of the birth of Christ our Saviour, Christmas, got replaced by a lousy 'X'? How did the term come about in the first place too? By some politically correct lawyers who didn't want to use a religious name but still want a lame excuse to join in the merry making and celebrations to binge and wine?

I'm grieved in my spirit. Christmas has become so commercialised that most people are missing out on the origin of Christmas.
Was talking to my colleagues, discussing about Christmas plans in the office, and I took the opportunity to ask them about the origins of Chrismas, on why we celebrate Christmas. I'm really surprised to hear one of them admitting that he don't really know. Took the opportunity to share Christ, but he didn't seem really interested and pushed the conversation back to merry making and wining and dining.

I like the analogy my pastor preached yesterday:
"Without knowing the origin of Christmas, and yet celebrating Christmas, it's like going to a birthday party and you don't even know who the birthday boy is."
How sad is that for the Birthday Boy.

May we all remember the origin of Christmas.
The birth of our Saviour, Christ the Lord.