My Spiritual Life Ramblings

Monday, March 06, 2006

Am grieved after BS yesterday.

Why? Coz it's been a long time since I got personal with the Holy Spirit, long time since I heard so personally from Him on every minute aspect of my life.

I'm reduced now to just hearing the big picture. And there's all.

I feel so far and distant. Although I know He's there, I can't feel Him like I used to anymore.
On the little nitty gritties of life. On the little conversations we have. On the sudden revelation of a side of God I've never seen before and suddenly discovering. On the exciting what's-going-to-happen-next moments. On the secrets He whispered to me.

I don't know what had happened, or what did I do wrong.
But I think it's the compacting lifestyle I led, that moved me further and further into the cold hard desert.

I want my old lifestyle back.
I want to know the secrets.
I want to have pleasant new revelations.
Most of all, I want to get personal again.